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Vol 16 No 1 (2019): March 2019

Letter from guest editors

Dear readers,

On August 3rd, 2018 the I NIIC – I NECSOS’ International and Interinstitutional Colloquium – was realized at Fluminense Federal University School of Engineering. The main purpose of this event was to increase the dialogue among diverse Institutions in an interdisciplinary way.

NECSOS is a research group composed over the last 10 years and was certified by DGP/CNPq in 2018. The group is a result of researchers with common interests in interdisciplinary fields. Each researcher is affiliated in a post graduate program in Brazil, as Management Systems Graduate Program at Federal Fluminense University, Production Engineering Graduate Program at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, among others. The major interests of the group are in the following fields: creative economy, stakeholders, organizations and society, but not limited to them. 

The high performance of the research development in Brazil requires actions that go beyond the classroom. The I NIIC established a plural and creative space that instigated the interdisciplinary dialogue in a deep reflection on the interdisciplinarity challenges. The main purpose of the Colloquium was to reflect jointly about methodological research paths to support postgraduate studies in the areas of business management, production engineering and systems. 

The best abstracts presented at I NIIC were invited to develop their research and submit it to the thematic issue of BJO&PM – Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management. As a result, several of the papers included in this special issue of the BJO&PM address topics in the field of circular economy, with great reflections, discussions and case studies. 

All papers selected for this special issue have undergone a rigorous double-blind review process and several rounds of revisions. We thank ABEPRO for their confidence and hope that the readers of BJO&PM will find interest in these papers and inspiration for future research. 

Academic regards, 


Prof. Dr. Chrystyane Gerth Silveira Abreu

CEFET/RJ – Federal Center of Technological Education Celso Suckow da Fonseca

General Coordinator of I NIIC

NECSOS' Lead Researcher - Nucleus of Creative Economy, Stakeholders, Organizations and Society



Prof. Dr. Fernando Oliveira de Araujo

UFF – Fluminense Federal University

Local Coordinator of I NIIC

NECSOS' Lead Researcher - Nucleus of Creative Economy, Stakeholders, Organizations and Society


Published: 2019-03-11


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