Multicriteria decision aid tool for the operational management of an industry: a constructivist case

Sandro César Bortoluzzi, Sandra Rolim Ensslin, Leonardo Ensslin, Marcos Ottoni de Almeida


The objective of this work is to construct a performance evaluation model to provide support to a production director in the management of the productive operations of a furniture industry. In this sense, we sought through the Multicriteria Decision Aid Constructivist Methodology (i) to identify the factors considered important by the production director for evaluating the performance of productive operations, (ii) to measure each criterion of performance evaluation, (iii) to integrate the criteria to allow the evaluation of organizational performance at the tactical and strategic levels and (iv) to develop a process to manage the actions of productive operations improvement.As a research result we have a performance evaluation model for supporting the management of the productive operations. We conclude that the MCDA-C allowed for building the knowledge of the decision-maker on how to identify and measure the critical variables and manage the performance of the productive operations. 


MCDA-C.; Productive Operations; Performance Evaluation.

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