The organizational culture and values alignment management importance for successful business

Nicholas Van-Eerven Ludolf, Marcela do Carmo Silva, Carlos Francisco Simões Gomes, Valmir Martins Oliveira


The main objective of this study was to carry out an organizational culture diagnosis in a shipyard, verifying the alignment degree between personal and organizational values. For data collection, a structured questionnaire was adopted and it was answered by 104 employees. In this questionnaire, the employees pointed out the main values cultivated by the company and by themselves. The results showed that there is a significant misalignment between organizational and personal values and an organizational culture based on values that aim at the self-interest of the organization and not the common good. The background of this article is to demonstrate the importance of the diagnosis and management of the organizational culture. To provoke a reflection on the importance of a culture that aims at the common good and not only the financial interest for a select group; not as an altruistic thinking, but as a strategy for organizational sustainability.


Organizational Culture; Consciousness Levels; Values Alignment

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