Classification of R&D infrastructure models in basic business incubators technology in the state of Paraná


  • Vítor Felipe e Silva de Oliveira Nery Universidade Federal do Paraná



Analytical Hierarchical Process, Incubators, Research and Development.


Support for the development of new technology-based business is a major challenge in Brazil. One reason is the change of the paradigm of an economy based on supply of commodities to an economy of developing and offering technology. In this environment, business incubators are presented as a key player in this process. However, incubators lack of infrastructure available for the technological development of products, as entrepreneurs begin to demand something beyond basic infrastructure. This article aims to classify research and development infrastructure models, based on the degree of importance earned by entrepreneurs belonging to incubators of technology-based companies in the state of Parana. An extensive literature review identified seven research infrastructure development models and discrete manufacturing products. These models were then classified by their features and practices. Following, a hierarchy was built, using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). Based on this hierarchy, an electronic questionnaire was designed and it was applied to 115 entrepreneurs belonging to 15 incubators of technology-based company, all located in the state of Parana. The responses were used for the construction of the weights of criteria based on the characteristics and analyzed practices. Finally, seven models were classified according to the AHP, providing incubator managers with the best options of laboratory models, according to the characteristics and needs.


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Nery, V. F. e S. de O. (2017). Classification of R&D infrastructure models in basic business incubators technology in the state of Paraná. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 14(2), 239–248.