• Úrsula Maruyama CEFET-RJ
  • Leonardo Luiz Braun JMUH-Julio Muller University Hospital
  • Gustavo Stender CEFET-RJ
  • Paloma Martinez Universidad El Bosque, Colombia
  • Augusto Reis CEFET-RJ/PPPRO - Production Engineering Post-Graduation Program
Keywords: lean manufacturing, hospital university, e-health, IT quality management


This paper aims to demonstrate how simple initiatives on public health sector are able to improve quality on service level. One of the most important aspects considered on this case study was the potential and motivation within University Hospital IT team to achieve excellence. Thus, management improvement started from quality management techniques applied by IT members to enhance results. This qualitative study case based on quality program deployed comparative analysis from literature to hospital IT management real initiatives. Results contribution demonstrate that inclusion and the development of collaborative workgroups can make difference to work environment and quality of service.

Author Biographies

Úrsula Maruyama, CEFET-RJ
Information Science doctoral student (PPGCI) IBICT / UFRJ. Master of Science, Technology and Education (PPCTE/CEFET-RJ) with Innovation in Technology Education emphasis. Industrial Administration BS, Project Management MBA, specialization in Human Resource Management and Public Administration MBA. She joined as an effective professor at CEFET-RJ in 2014. Currently CEFET-RJ Strategy Chief-Officer (2016-present).
Leonardo Luiz Braun, JMUH-Julio Muller University Hospital

Computer Science BS (2011). Cuiabano Institute of Education professor, Federal University of Mato Grosso IT professional and Head of Process Management Information Technology of University Hospital Julio Müller (UFMT). He has experience emphasis in Computer Science following topics: Strategic IT Management, Computer Networks, Information Security and Operating Systems.

Gustavo Stender, CEFET-RJ

Production Engineer, Master of Technology with emphasis on production management tools, mainly in the following areas: operational performance, Six Sigma, production management and statistical process control.

Paloma Martinez, Universidad El Bosque, Colombia

Agroindustrial Production Engineer - University of La Sabana (Colombia), specialization in Strategic Management. Master in Quality and Productivity Systems - Technological Institute of Monterrey, Mexico. PhD in Logistics. Professor and Coordinator Production Management Productivity MBA at University Del Bosque, Colombia. Recognized researcher by Colciencias (Research Institute of Colombia).

Augusto Reis, CEFET-RJ/PPPRO - Production Engineering Post-Graduation Program

Business Administration BS (PUC-RJ, 2006) Production Engineering Master degree (PUC-RJ, 2009) and Production Engineering PhD (PUC-RJ, 2013). Production Engineering Master degree professor at CEFET-RJ (2010-present).

How to Cite
Maruyama, Úrsula, Braun, L., Stender, G., Martinez, P., & Reis, A. (2016). LEAN E-HEALTH CARE: ITS PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT BASED ON BRAZILIAN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL CASE STUDY. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 13(4), 442-450. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.14488/BJOPM.2016.v13.n4.a4