Supplier-buyer collaboration in new product development: four case studies involving SMEs

  • António Carrizo Moreira Universidade de Aveiro


New product development at inter-firm level is clearly an important topic for researchers
and managers. Although many papers have reported the importance of collaboration in NPD
the collaboration involving partners with different technology endowments and how many
small firms have managed to achieve a status of reciprocity have remained unaddressed.
In this exploratory study four multinationals and sixteen suppliers were visited and
their top executives interviewed to determine the key success factors of collaborative
product development as perceived by suppliers. Four case studies were prepared in order
to exemplify the supplier’s perceptions to inter-firm product development involving
differently endowed firms. The main findings are clear: suppliers and clients have different
perspectives and play different roles due to the bargaining power exercised by the latter
and by the fight for reciprocity of the former.

Author Biography

António Carrizo Moreira, Universidade de Aveiro
António C. Moreira received the degree in engineering and the MBA from the University
of Porto, Portugal and a Ph.D. degree from UMIST - University of Manchester Institute of
Science and Technology, England. He has a solid international background in industry
where he worked for a Dutch multinational firm in Germany as well as in Portugal. He also
has experience as a consultant and as a researcher, where he worked at INESC Porto’s
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Unit. He has been academically involved since 1993.
He is Assistant Professor at DEGEI (Department of Economics, Industrial Engineering and
Management) for the University of Aveiro, Portugal.
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