Critical factors and Benefits in the use of Earned Value Management in construction

  • Joaquim Teixeira Netto
  • Nylvandir Liberato Fernandes de Oliveira
  • Andrey Pimentel Aleluia Freitas
  • João Alberto Neves dos Santos
Keywords: Earned value indicator, critical success factors, Construction performance, Project management


Goal: The main objective of this study is to analyze the benefits and the critical success factors (CSF) to use of Earned Value Management (EVM) in the construction projects.

Design / Methodology / Approach: The research methodology was quantitative approach with statistical analysis of questionnaire with 106 answered and validated using the Cronbach's alpha and Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin.

Results:  The construction companies identified the benefits and CSF in the use of EVM. The observed benefits were: achieving project cost, the definition of scope and schedule, anticipating project and project communication. The observed CSF were: team training, project management maturity, top management support, the need of pre-defined procedures, and the use of appropriate software.

Limitations of the investigation: The sample of research was composed exclusively of Brazilian construction managers.

Practical implications: Monitoring construction projects using EVM for construction companies.

Originality / Value:  The EVM is widely used for project management. However, there are few studies on its use in the construction industry.

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Netto, J., de Oliveira, N., Freitas, A., & dos Santos, J. (2020). Critical factors and Benefits in the use of Earned Value Management in construction. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 17(1), 1-10.