The internet of things sensors technologies and their applications for complex engineering projects: a digital construction site framework

Hamilton Lopes Miranda Junior, Nelson Roberto Albuquerque Bezerra, Marlene Jesus Soares Bezerra, José Rodrigues Farias Filho



Purpose: The paper aims to present constructs related to Internet of Things, which are expected to be integrated to, and improve the implantation phase of Complex Engineering Projects. The traditional implantation methods for Complex Engineering Projects are neither effective nor efficient to deal with the massive data generated by their productive processes. It usually causes high levels of rework, schedule delays and financial losses.

Design/methodology: In this paper a systematic literature review on IoT architecture, sensor technologies and possible applications was presented. These constructs were identified and selected from a lexical analysis of a reseach basis carried out with NVivo software.

Findings: We have been in the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things (IoT) has a valuable role to make an easier way to success for Complex Project implementations. Therefore, a correlation scheme of the constructs and their applications identified in the bibliography was proposed.

Originality/value: A concept and a framework for a "Digital Construction Site" (DCS) from the application of IoT Sensors (IoTS) in the shipbuilding industry. It is valuable for readers who want to understand alternatives to improve the results of typical processes on implementation phase of Complex Engineering Projects, with open source technologies.


IoT; Internet of Things; Sensors; Digital Construction Site

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