Warehouse design: a systematic literature review

Augusto da Cunha Reis, Cristina Gomes de Souza, Nayara Nogueira da Costa, Gustavo Henrique Cordeiro Stender, Pedro Senna Vieira, Nélio Domingues Pizzolato


Abstract: This study proposes improving the understanding of the main aspects involved in the design of warehouses by the construction of a framework that reveals the state-of-art.  The initial research bibliography generated a framework, which was structured in three dimensions: inputs; design and implementation; and outputs. The validation of framework was accomplished through a systematic review of the literature, covering 68 articles published in the period 1999- 2015. This study covered the main aspects highlighted in the academic literature that influence the design of warehouses. Additionally, an overview of the publications based on a theoretical/empirical and a quantitative/qualitative approach was pointed out. This paper aims to contribute to both industry and academic. On the one hand, the framework aggregates value for professionals by permitting the rapid identification of variables, which must be considered in warehouse design. On the other hand, by systematizing the warehouse design area, researchers are able to identify gaps that may generate future studies. 


Warehouse Design; Supply Chain Management; Supply Chain Strategy; Literature Review; Distribution Management

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14488/BJOPM.2017.v14.n4.a10

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