Identifying critical success factors for the implementation of enterprise resource planning systems in public educational institutions

Flávia Campos Fernandes Leandro, Mirian Picinini Méxas, Geisa Meirelles Drumond


The implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in Brazilian public educational institutions is considered critical and a time consuming process. Then this study aims to identify the Critical Success Factors (CSF) for the implementation of ERP systems in these organizations. A literature review, where 30 CSF used in scientific articles were identified, has been prepared. Based on found CSF, 20 were selected to compose a questionnaire constructed with the Likert scale and applied to 70 ERP systems specialists in educational institutions, in order to get the perception of the most CFS relevant during the pre-implementation, implementation and post-implementation phases. As a result of this field survey, a ranking of the degree classification "very important" for 20 CFS was drafted by percentage in the ERP lifecycle. This work intends to contribute with a comprehension in terms of what CFS needs to be observed during each phase of the ERP systems implementation in educational institutions.


Critical Success Factors; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); Educational Institutions; Implementation

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