Proposal for a water resource management strategy model using the water footprint concept


  • Leonardo Costa Universidade de São Paulo - Departamento de Engenharia de Produção da Escola Politécnica.
  • João Amato Neto São Paulo University



Water Footprint, Water Resources, Sustainable Development.


We hereby present a proposal for a water stewardship strategy model, having the water footprint as a reference, developed from the results of a qualitative and exploratory research and by interviews with experts in the subject. The aim is to identify these experts’ contributions to a water stewardship model as from the applicability of the water footprint concept. From the contribution provided by the experts’ panel, as well as the authors’ understanding of the content of the bibliographic research conducted, a water stewardship strategy model was proposed for producing goods and services as from the water footprint concept, structured as a Plan-Do-Check-Action stewardship model. This model sought to be supported on a holistic view of the sustainable management process of water resources, besides seeking to provide an innovative and comprehensive way to account for water use and consumption along with effluent disposal. Thus, it sought to contribute to a suitable risk management and might contribute as a necessary support for the development of operational and commercial strategies, contributing significantly to the sustainable development of an organization.


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Costa, L., & Amato Neto, J. (2017). Proposal for a water resource management strategy model using the water footprint concept. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 14(3), 371–380.