Analysis of individual micro-entrepreneur vision from the perspective of financial management

  • Fabrício Jose de Amorim Braga Fluminense Federal University - UFF
  • Fabiano de Souza Silvestre Fluminense Federal University - UFF
  • Ualison Rébula Oliveira Fluminense Federal University - UFF
Keywords: Individual micro-entrepreneur, Micro and small enterprises, Entrepreneurship, Financial and accounting management


In the business world, the management of an organization calls for the development of information to support decisions. However, this is not a reality for a significant part of micro and small enterprises in Brazil, as several studies have shown. On this theme, with a focus on individual micro-entrepreneurs, the present study investigated how these businesspeople manage their finances and development. Methodologically, the study was supported by field research with 21 entrepreneurs in different business segments from the city of Volta Redonda (Rio de Janeiro state). Results indicated that 19% of respondents do not control cash flow and 76% do not analyze their financial results. Of those that use some kind of control, 67% monitor their finances by handwritten notes in notebooks. Regarding the sales forecast, less than half of the surveyed people do this type of control. Therefore, the surveyed micro-entrepreneurs need to develop financial and accounting management systems, focusing on a better financial control of their businesses. Although not conclusive, we believe the results obtained are related to the respondents’ low level of education.

Author Biography

Ualison Rébula Oliveira, Fluminense Federal University - UFF

Ualison Rébula de Oliveirais a Professor of Management Sciences at Federal Fluminense University. He received his Ph.D in 2009 from Sao Paulo State University, M.S. in Management Systems from Fluminense Federal University, M.B.A. in Enterprise Management from Getulio Vargas Foundation, Specialization in Finance and Controlling from Lavras Federal University, and in Human Resource Management from Candido Mendes University, and B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Severino Sombra University, and in Business Administration from Veiga de Almeida University. Dr. Oliveira spent 15 years working in Commercial Banks. At ABN Amro Bank, worked as Account Manager, being responsible for more than 500 companies’ accounts.

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de Amorim Braga, F., de Souza Silvestre, F., & Oliveira, U. (2018). Analysis of individual micro-entrepreneur vision from the perspective of financial management. Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management, 15(2), 182-192.